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Postman’s Collections, Workspaces, and Built-in Tools Together Comprise the Postman ADE
Postman Collections: The Most-used and Most-useful API Specification Format
Postman Collections are an executable description of an API and are at the core of all Postman’s built-in tools.
Every tool within Postman is based from the Postman Collection format: mocks, testing, documentation, monitoring, and publishing all begin with a Postman Collection.
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Workspaces are a Giant Leap Forward in API Collaboration
Workspaces make the dev team’s work easier. Individual devs use their personal Workspace for private projects, WIP, and experiments. Team Workspaces are the ideal locale for teams to support ongoing development and encourage collaboration. Admins & team leads get project-specific insight, permissions, and oversight.
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Postman’s Built-in Tools Support the Entire API Workflow
Design & Mock
Design & mock APIs directly in Postman
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Onboard developers to your API with Postman
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Debug new & published APIs with tests, scripts, variables, and more
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Monitor APIs for more than just uptime - test for correctness and responsiveness
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Automated Testing
Automated testing with Postman, and integrated into your CI/CD pipeline
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Create & publish web-viewable and machine readable documentation
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Modern Coding Practices Created the IDE.Exploding Use of APIs Demands an ADE.
A complete ADE is essential for API development.
An API Development Environment - or ADE - is a platform that supports and enhances API development. A good ADE will streamline the development process, create a single source of truth for an organization's APIs, and enhance collaboration on APIs across the organization.
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