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Send requests quickly

Create and send any HTTP request using the awesome Postman request builder

Organize using Collections

Create collections and folders to group your requests logically

Save requests

Every request you send is saved to the history and can be replayed later

Switch contexts easily

Choose from multiple environments while sending requests

Customize with scripts

Change the request parameters at runtime using your custom scripts

Robust testing framework

Write your own test cases to validate response data, response times, and more!

Automate Collections

Run entire collections or folders with a single click, and view all test results on one screen

Boost your performance with PowerUps


Enhance Postman’s capabilities. Write advanced test scripts in a fraction of time. Run a sequence of requests and simulate. Only $9.99 per user!

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Capture requests from Chrome and build APIs quickly. View and send cookies and restricted headers from within Postman.

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Open-source. Automated testing. Our command-line companion effortlessly plugs collections into existing toolchains.

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