Why Native

  • App
  • Windows
  • Mac

Postman’s native apps (for Mac and Windows) run on Electron, and overcome a number of restrictions of the Chrome platform.

A few features exclusive to the native apps are listed here:

  1. Cookies
    The native apps let you work with cookies directly. Unlike the Chrome app, no separate extension is needed.

  2. Built-in proxy
    The native apps come with a built-in proxy that you can use to capture network traffic.

  3. Menu bar
    The Chrome app had a very limited menu bar. With the native apps you can create collections, switch to History requests, and more!

  4. Restricted headers
    The latest versions of the native apps let you send headers like Origin and User-Agent. These are restricted in the Chrome app. For more info on the new Postman Runtime, check our blog post.

  5. Postman Console
    The latest version of the native app also has a built-in console, which allows you to view the network request details for API calls.