Add Postman to your Dock

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If you have Postman’s Chrome app installed, it’ll be accessible via chrome://apps in your browser.

You can also start Postman through the Chrome App Launcher app. The Chrome App Launcher resides in your dock or taskbar. You can also keep a persistent icon for Postman that can bypass Chrome altogether.

Get the Chrome App Launcher


Tip OSX users can use the Spotlight (Cmd+Space) bar and search for Postman

1. Open Postman through the launcher. quick_mac_1

2. When the icon appears in the dock, right click on it and select “Keep it in dock”. quick_mac_2


For Windows, the steps are the same as OS X.

  1. Open Postman through the launcher
  2. Right click the Postman icon and select “Pin icon in the task bar”.

Linux (Ubuntu)


In Ubuntu, you can launch Postman directly from Dash. Just search for Postman. When the icon appears in the launcher, right click and select “Lock to Launcher”