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Custom team URLs for Pro and Enterprise
At Postman, we work with URLs every day. Maybe you do too. We’ve been thinking deeply about product design while introducing new features and enhancements, and we believe our product should have a clean and…
06 June, 2017
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Descriptions for request attributes in Postman
Postman is introducing a new description column in the data editor making your requests easier to understand. You can now add comments and details for each of your query parameters, path variables, headers, and body (form-data and urlencoded) – all from right…
03 June, 2017
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Not your Grandma's Postman
If you’re new to Postman, now is the perfect time to get started. The growth of APIs right now is mind-bending. Organizations are using APIs to communicate internally between technical architectures, consume microservices, and allow…
27 May, 2017
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Veeam RESTful API and Postman
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C# Corner: API Testing with Postman
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API Testing using POSTMAN: Conditional Workflows
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