Postman is how people build and test APIs.

At Postman, we're a diverse group working all across the world. It's very nice to meet you!

Postman is the essential toolchain for API developers to share, test, document and monitor APIs. More than 3 million engineers and developers worldwide use Postman to build connected software via APIs—quickly, easily and accurately. Postman's free Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome apps, along with Postman's paid Pro and Enterprise offerings, are standards at industry leading businesses. Postman has offices in San Francisco, Bangalore, and Austin, and is privately held, with funding from Nexus Venture Partners.

Our Founders



Loves building products and reading books. When not in front of a computer, Abhinav is generally in front of the Playstation finishing games by the dozen, or in the kitchen, trying to cook food that doesn't kill anyone.



A product ninja and developer, he is a master of analytics, code and math, with an obsession for Javascript. Ankit is a big Neutral Milk Hotel fan and Chelsea FC supporter. He loves his piano, books, beer and bacon.


Product Architect/Co-Founder

Tall, but a terrible basketball player. He believes that food is always tastier on other people's plates. Abhijit is usually found running, playing tennis, or sometimes, writing code for Postman.



VP, Engineering

Technical architect, strategist and a developer in love with functional programming, he specialises in JavaScript framework development. Sam loves everything around the Internet-of-Things and Sci-Fi.


Software Developer

Avid reader, sports enthusiast, and procrastinator. Loves food and cooking, and has a great taste for wine. Dreams of a day when every software he uses is written by him.


Software Developer

Likes to make computers bend to his will, using Python or Javascript as the duress. He’s a swimmer, reader and loves cold coffee. Dreams of a day when every software he uses is written by Akshay.


Software Developer

Numaan loves all things web; well, on most days. A foodie and obsessive meat-eater (with deliveries for him coming in three times a day). He’s a tech + design enthusiast, and is hooked on RSS feeds.


Product Designer

The resident metalhead and usability enthusiast. A minimalist at heart, Vineet revels in trimming ideas to their bare minimum. He loves discovering new products, DotA and Liverpool FC. Calm like a bomb.


Software Developer

Loves his code as much as his bikes. Weekend traveller and a weekday programmer. His newfound love is macro-photography but his first love has always been the Yamaha Rx 100.


Software Developer

Spends half his life tapping away at a keyboard, the other half sleeping. Everything else runs on a background thread.


Software Developer

An accidental programmer and an analytics newbie. Has an appreciation for all things artsy and believes life is about people and experiences. Will always laugh at every joke, and is almost always wearing a smile.


Software Developer

Siddhant excels at sneaking in naps at unusual places. A React fanboy and a Reddit addict, he spends his spare time organizing his Downloads folder and wondering how to beat Vivek at Foosball.


Software Developer

An ardent quizzer, tech enthusiast and Manchester United supporter. When not working, he loves to explore new places. Dreams of catching a Pikachu someday.


Happiness Officer

Cooper loves chewing furniture, slippers and his favourite Darth Vader chewtoy. He is an expert at napping and is trying his best to get better at fetching.



Software Developer

Andrew is a native Texan and math major who got turned on to programming during his tenure with the Peace Corps. He likes playing the cello, learning Russian, cooking, backpacking, and discovering a beautiful solution to a hard problem.


Software Developer

Loves the outdoors more than any programmer should, and dreams of doing a `git push` from every continent on Earth. He also secretly wonders if anybody actually reads these bios. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.


VP, Marketing

Kasey is a software-engineer-turned-marketer, who believes that her love for the Oxford comma has roots in her despair over C++ syntax errors. She spends her free time running, and running after her kids, chickens, and various other small animals.



Nexus Venture Partners is a leading venture capital fund with offices in US and India and more than $1 billion under management. Nexus invests in early and early growth stage companies. Nexus’s portfolio consists of category leading companies like Druva, Helpshift, Snapdeal among several others.