Postman Workspaces Deliver for Everyone:
From Individual Development to Team Collaboration.

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Postman Workspaces are your Control Center for Collaboration
Every Postman Workspace has:
Join or invite easily within the Postman app.
Workspaces can be for individual developers, project-based, or dedicated to specific teams.
Postman Elements
Created and shared by members.
Collections, Environments, Mocks, Monitors, Documentation.
Element Permissions
Every element’s permissions are set by the workspace members.
Control who can view and edit Workspace elements.
Workspaces are for Everyone!
Personal Workspaces
  • All Postman users can create as many personal workspaces as they wish, with a free Postman account!
  • Organize collections, environment, and other Postman elements into topic-specific workspaces.
Team Workspaces
  • All Postman users can create as many shared workspaces as they wish, with a free Postman account!
  • Create Postman teams, invite colleagues to join team workspaces, use all of Postman's valuable collaboration features
  • Collaboration is limited only by number of requests for free Postman users - no limit on number of workspaces, number of collaborators, or length of time.
  • Unlimited collaboration is part of both Pro and Enterprise plans - no limit on requests, collaborators, timing, or shared workspaces.
Workspaces: One Giant Leap for API Collaboration
  • Project-specific Workspaces provide superior organization and insight into your collections.
  • Workspaces now include shareable team request history, enabling developers to debug requests and API usage collaboratively.
  • Postman Environments can be synced and shared directly within Workspaces, without the need for templates.
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