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Postman Pro Connects Your Team

Postman is used by over 8 million developers worldwide. With a powerful stack of built-in tools, Postman provides you and your team with everything you need to manage each stage of the API lifecycle on our simple UI. You can design and mock, debug, test, document, monitor, and publish your APIs on Postman, and easily maintain a single source of truth.

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New! Design APIs in Postman

  • Organize your workflow around your API with Postman's new API features.
  • Design APIs with support for common schemas - OpenAPI, RAML, and Swagger.
  • Manage all of your organization's APIs in Postman, maintaining a single source of truth.
  • Maintain multiple API versions, with Postman's version control and tagging.

Collaboration with Personal and Team Workspaces

  • Organize collections and folders into personal or team workspaces.
  • Stay organized with separate workspaces, folders, and real-time feedback with comments.
  • Control, edit, and view permissions for collections, teams, and workspaces.
  • Create unlimited personal and team workspaces for Pro teams.
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API Documentation

  • Create beautiful API documentation that is viewable as a web page.
  • Automatically import code examples in your chosen language.
  • Customize your documentation by adding your logo, colors, and domain.

Granular Control

  • Define: Create a single source of truth for your APIs with common schemas and versioning tools.
  • Develop: Add elements like mock servers, documentation, and environments to your APIs.
  • Test: Create test suites for performance and behavior, integration tests, and contract tests.
  • Observe: Check your API’s performance, behavior, and response time at specified intervals.
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API Monitoring

  • Monitor API uptime, responsiveness, and correctness.
  • Set monitors to run as frequently as you need.
  • Gain insights with detailed reports of monitoring results.
  • Set up monitors to test your APIs from geographical regions across the world.

Automated Testing

  • Use Newman, The Postman command line tool, to set up a CI/CD pipeline or integrate Postman into your existing CI service (ie. Jenkins, Travis, GitLab,etc.).
  • Use comprehensive API testing tools to easily set up automated tests.
  • Build integration test suites and build workflows that mirror your actual API use cases.
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Postman API

  • Programmatically access your Postman Collections directly from the Postman API.
  • The Postman API has multiple endpoints to add and update collections, update environments, and add and run monitors.
  • Easily integrate Postman with the rest of your development workflow.

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Learning Center

The Postman Learning Center gives you all the resources you need to use Postman for every stage of the API lifecycle.

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Collaboration Features

In this video, our developer advocate walks through and demos all of the collaboration capabilities available in Postman.

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