Postman Sync Addendum

1. Introduction

This addendum sets out the terms of Your Use of the storage and sync feature available at (“Postman-Sync”) in the Product. The terms in this Addendum (“Addendum”) are in addition to the terms of the EULA entered in to by You with Postman for Use of the Product. Except as expressly set out in this Addendum, all terms of the EULA shall apply as-is to Your Use of Postman-Sync as well. All references in the EULA to ‘Product’ shall be read as ‘Product including Postman-Sync as applicable’ and all references to ‘EULA’ shall be read as ‘EULA and this Addendum as applicable’. To the extent of any inconsistency of any terms in this Addendum and the EULA, the terms in this Addendum shall prevail with respect to Your Use of Postman-Sync. All capitalized terms used but not defined in this Addendum shall have the meaning as ascribed to them in the EULA.

2. Acceptance of Terms

You agree that Your Use of Postman-Sync is subject to the terms in the EULA and such other additional conditions as set out in this Addendum. Postman-Sync is available for Use by individuals only. If You are a non-individual, You must not Use Postman-Sync. Any Use of Postman-Sync by a non-individual shall be deemed to be a Restriction under paragraph 6 in the EULA.

3. Registration

a) In order to Use Postman-Sync, You are required to create a User Account in accordance with the terms set out in the EULA. Please see the Postman EULA for more information in this regard.

4. Features and Functionalities

  • Once You sign up for Postman-Sync, all Input File and Content created by You by your Use of the Product will get automatically backed up and stored in Postman’s Servers.
    "Input File" means any executable command or instruction that are entered by you or originates from You in Your Use of the Product.
  • Postman-Sync allows You to access any Content created by You in the Product through multiple computer systems via the User Account referred in paragraph 3 above. While You will be permitted to access the Content through multiple computer systems, You will not be permitted to access it through more than three (3) computer systems simultaneously at any given point of time.
  • While Postman-Sync allows for automatic back-up of Input File and Content, it does not by itself share or publish those materials to any person. Should You want to share them with others, You can do so in accordance with paragraph 5 of the EULA.
  • If You wish to remove or delete any Content or Input File, that was stored pursuant to Your Use of Postman-Sync, please notify us at and we will carry out the same within 24 hours of such notification.

5. Fees

You acknowledge that currently Postman is not collecting any fees from You to allow You Use of Postman-Sync. You are permitted to Use Postman-Sync in consideration of You adhering with the terms of this EULA and this Addendum. Should Postman decide to charge fees for your Use of Postman-Sync it shall provide thereof to You.

6. Termination

Should You wish to terminate the Addendum, You are required to provide 21 days notice to Postman by sending an email with subject line “Postman-Sync Termination” to Upon termination of this Addendum, any Content or Input File stored by us will be deleted from our records within 21 days of such termination.