Postman Monitors Terms & Conditions

1. Product Limitation

You are likely to encounter glitches, bugs, errors and/or downtime during Your Use of Postman Monitors. While Postman will take all reasonable efforts to correct or rectify the glitches bugs, errors and downtime in a timely manner, the nature of beta releases of new software product functionalities is such that Postman may not be able to take such remedial actions in a timely manner or may not be able to rectify the issue at all. You acknowledge and agree that Your Use of Postman Monitors is subject to this limitation and caveat and that You will not hold Postman liable in any manner whatsoever for any consequence that arise out of Your use of Postman Monitors.

Postman will make reasonable endeavors to provide You with complete and up to date documentation and instructions in relation to Postman Monitors and will also endeavor to update them on a continuous basis. Should there be any discrepancy in the documentation and instructions, You are requested to notify Postman about it after which Postman will make reasonable endeavors to remedy the same in a timely manner.

2. Data Retention

Any data, file or record created by You by Use of Postman Monitors shall be retained by Postman for a period of 15 (fifteen) days from the date of its creation. You specifically agree and authorize Postman to remove, delete or purge such data, file or record upon completion of the said period.

3. User Support

Postman will assist in problem solving and broader integration efforts. You are asked to be available for 15-30 minute weekly check-ins. Postman will also provide on-demand support for the remainder of the beta. Customer feedback is still highly encouraged and appreciated but no longer necessarily in the form of regular weekly check-ins.

4. Further Use

Once Postman undertakes commercial deployment of Postman Monitors, it shall notify to you any further terms that may apply to it. The terms set out herein and the accompanying cover email are valid only for the early access of Postman Monitors available till 1st August, 2016.

5. Defined Terms

Any capitalized terms herein and in the accompanying cover email shall have the same meaning as ascribed to them under the EULA and/or the Addendum for Postman Cloud. The term “Product” as used in the EULA or the Addendum shall be read as “Product including Postman Monitors”.