Managing Workspaces

You can manage personal and team Workspaces, and the Postman elements (Collections, Monitors, Documentation, Mocks, Environments, and Integrations) associated with a workspace. You can perform such tasks as editing names and descriptions, viewing details, or creating elements for workspaces.

In the Postman app, click any workspace that displays in the header bar. In the image below, it’s “Team Workspace”.

manage workspaces

Click “Manage” to display the Workspaces dashboard in your web browser.

Managing personal workspaces

By default, the personal workspaces view appears.

add to workspaces

In this view, click the Add to workspace button to add collections or environments from another workspace to the selected workspace. You can also perform this action in the team workspace view.

Click the ellipses (…) button to:

You can also click the Create a new workplace button to create a new personal or team workspace.

Managing team workspaces

In the team workspaces view, click the ellipses (…) button to:

Managing workspace elements

When you click a personal or team workspace, you can see all the elements and activity of that workspace.

If you click the Share button, you can share this collection with another workspace.

If you click the ellipses (…) button, you can remove any element from the workspace, and publish collections.

workspace elements

Let’s explore how to manage workspace elements.


Add collections to this Workspace or create collections in the Postman app. Collections is the default view.


Add environments to this workspace or create environments in the Postman app. After you add environments, you can share them with other workspaces.


Create monitors to track the performance of collections in a workspace. You can wait to see performanance results at the scheduled run time, or click the Run button to see performance results now.


Create a mock server to simulate each endpoint and its corresponding environment in a collection, before sending the actual request. Postman redirects you to the app to create the mock server.


View a list of current integrations or create workspace integrations. If you create an integration, Postman provides a list of third party integration apps to help you create the type of integration you want.


View a list of activities for this workspace.