What is Syncing?

Syncing makes all your Postman data available when you’re signed in to your Postman account.

Changes, such as edits, additions, or deletions, sync across all devices that are linked to your account.

These entities can sync with our server and be saved to the cloud:

  • Collections
  • Folders
  • Requests
  • Responses
  • Header Presets
  • Environments
  • Environment variables
  • Global variables
  • Collection run results

How do I Sync between computers?

Install the Postman app and sign in with the same email address or username on all your devices.

If you forget your username or password, you can recover your username and reset your password when you click the links near the signin prompt.

If you have sync enabled, all the data you now create (or have created in the past) syncs across all your devices.

Postman automatically makes sure your data is the same no matter where you access it. No further settings are required.

Note: Postman restricts parallel usage to three apps per account.


If your app is in sync with our server, the icon to the left of your name in the top navigation appears orange, and displays IN SYNC.

If a sync operation is underway, it displays SYNCING.

If you are not signed in to the app, you see OFFLINE.

When you open the app or if your connection drops, it displays CONNECTING before it starts to sync.

sync icon in header

Sign Out

If you choose to sign out, Postman deletes your data from the local instance of the app.

Don’t worry, Postman restores all your data from the cloud when you sign in, and enables other users to use the app without your data clashing.

When you reload the app, Postman automatically retrieves the most recent and up-to-date version of your collections.

Deleting your Postman account

If you have a Postman account, are not currently part of a paid Postman Pro or Enterprise team, and have never participated in a Postman Pro trial team, you can delete your account.

Otherwise, you can contact us at

delete account