Sending the first request

Let’s send our first API request! 

  • Enter into the URL field. 
  • Hit the Send button to send your request, and you will see the server response at the bottom with some JSON data. Notice that Postman has added under the History tab of the sidebar. 

postman echo example

How does this work?

Let’s map the process with a simple illustration below:

request and response illustration

  1. Enter your request details (URL: in Postman, and hit the Send button.
  2. The request is received by the API server (, and it returns a response.
  3. The response is received by Postman, and the response is visualized in the interface.

Postman Echo is a sample API that Postman hosts for you to experiment with various types of requests. It returns the data that you send in the request as part of its response.

Import this sample collection and refer to documentation for this sample API.