Creating the first collection

Every request that you send in Postman appears under the History tab of the sidebar. On a small scale, reusing requests via the History section is convenient. However, as your Postman usage scales, finding a particular request in your history can become time consuming. This is where Postman Collections come in. Collections are groups of saved requests, and are the cornerstone that most advanced Postman features are built upon.

Let’s pick up where we left off after sending our first request, and create a new collection.

  • With the request you just created in the request builder, click the Save button to open the SAVE REQUEST modal.
  • As an optional step, enter a new request name. Otherwise, the default name will be the request URL.
  • As an optional step, enter a request description in plain text or using Markdown.
  • Now, save this request to an existing collection, or create a new collection by entering a collection name, and then hit Save.

save request

Congratulations! You can see all of your collections under the Collections tab of the sidebar on the left.