Creating the first collection

Postman Collections are a group of saved requests you can organize into folders.

Every request you send in Postman appears under the History tab of the sidebar. On a small scale, reusing requests through the history section is convenient. However, as your Postman usage scales, it can be time consuming to find a particular request in your history. Instead of combing through your history section, you can save all your requests as a group for easier access.

Let’s review how to send a basic request and create a new collection.

Creating your first collection

Enter a request in the request builder and click the Save button to open the SAVE REQUEST modal.

request builder

  • As an optional step, enter a new request name. Otherwise, the default name will be the request URL.
  • As an optional step, enter a request description in plain text or using Markdown.

Save this request to an existing collection, or create a new collection by entering a collection name, and then click the Save button.

save request

Congratulations! You can see all of your collections under the Collections tab of the sidebar on the left.