Publishing public docs

Published documentation enables you to share your public API documentation with the world.

Generating public documentation

You can only publish documentation for collections that you’ve created or have write permissions.

In your collection’s documentation page, click the Publish button at the top of the screen.

publish button

The Edit Published Collection page appears.

public documentation link

When signed in to Postman, you can select a corresponding environment to publish the collection. Any references to variables like {{url}} in the collection will be replaced with the correct value from the environment.

The public URL field contains the URL to share with the outside world. For example, if you’re publishing your primary collection, you might want to select a “production” environment, so your documentation is immediately usable for new visitors.

Here’s an example of a collection we’ve published.

IMPORTANT:  Any confidential information in your environment, such as passwords and access tokens, might be publicly visible. Remove all such information from the environment before you publish documentation with an environment.

The public documentation link always has the most up-to-date content. You don’t need to repeat the publication flow each time you want to update your documentation.

Unpublishing documentation

In the Edit Published Collection page, click the Unpublish Collection button at the bottom of the page.

publish or unpublish

Custom domains

Optionally, you can pick from a list of verified custom domains to host your API documentation. You’ll be able to view documentation on your custom domain, as well as the Postman private documentation page. 

custom domain

Custom styling options

Postman allows you to customize the appearance of your published documentation pages. Add your team logo and update the color theme to align with your brand.

You can update the custom styling options either before or after you publish your documentation. Click the Show Custom Styling Options link to expand the section and update your color palette.

custom styling options