Syncing collections with the Postman server

  • App

Once you are signed in to the Postman App, the following entities are synced with our server:

  • Collections
  • Folders
  • Requests
  • Responses
  • Environments
  • Global variables

Any operation you do will be synced to the server - adding a request to a collection, or modifying an environment variable.

If your app is in sync with our server, the Sync icon to the left of your name in the top navbar will be green, and say ‘In Sync’. If a sync operation is underway, it will say ‘Syncing’. If you are not signed in to the app, you will see ‘Not in Sync’.

If you choose to sign out, all your data will be deleted from the app. Don’t worry, all your data will be synced back when you sign in. This is just meant to enable other users to use the app without your data clashing.

When you reload the app, Postman will automatically retrieve all changes that happened to your collections after you last used the app.