Sharing Collections with your team

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To share your collections with your team, you’ll need to ensure that your team is on the Pro Plan. You can view your plan details on your team page. If you’re on the Pro plan, you can sign in to the Postman app, click the ‘More’ button next to the collection name and hit ‘Share’.

Access Control

Click ‘Share’ in the modal that shows up to share the collection with your team. You can set a team permission, which is the default setting for other members in the team. If the team setting is ‘Can View’, members won’t be able to edit the collection, or any of its folders and requests. The ‘Can Edit’ setting will let everyone edit the collection.

You can also override this setting for specific users. In the image above, Abhinav and Andrew will be able to edit the collection, but all other members of the team will have read-only access.

Accessing Shared Collections

A team’s shared collections can be viewed in the team library. This is where you can subscribe to collections that others have shared.