Running collections with file-post requests

  • Newman

Currently, you can not use the collection runner to run collections which have requests with file-uploads. You need to use Newman, Postman’s command line companion tool for that. Here’s how:

1. Create the collection of requests with file-uploads you want to run

2. Check to make sure the requests run successfully in the main Postman runner

3. Export the files as a JSON, and save to your filesystem

4. Open the JSON file for editing. In line 22, change the “value” property of the file param to the complete path of the file

Run the collection file in Newman

If you are using Windows, change the backslashes (\) in the JSON file to double-backslashes so that the JSON remains valid. eg. if your “value” is “C:\Documents\collection.json”, you’ll need to change it to “C:\\Documents\\collection.json”.

Check out an example here.