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VictorOps is a real-time incident management platform that combines the power of people and data to embolden DevOps teams so they can handle incidents as they occur and prepare for the next one. This integration allows you to configure Postman Monitors to trigger incidents on VictorOps whenever it fails.

Get the VictorOps API Key

Log in to your VictorOps account and go to the Settings tab. On the Settings page, select Integrations from the Alert Behavior dropdown.

log in to victorops

From the list of integrations, select the REST Generic Integration. 

select REST Generic

If the integration is not already enabled, click the Enable Integration button. 

enable integration

If the integration is enabled, you will see a URL which contains the API Key.

view API key

Copy the API Key and save it for later. You can also provide routing keys if you are using teams within VictorOps. Routing keys allow the creation of incidents to be directed towards a specific team, so that they get notified about a particular failure. To get the routing key, click on the Alert Behavior dropdown and select Route Keys.

make a note of keys

You can enter your own key and select a team for which the key is applicable.

enter key

Configuring Postman Monitors

Log in to the Postman web view, and head to the Postman Integrations page. From the list of integrations, select the VictorOps integration.

select integration

Click on the Add button.

add integration

Select the monitor for which you want to be alerted. Enter the API Key you got from VictorOps.

enter key

Additionally, you can also configure a routing key if you want to alert a specific team.

configur routing key

Incidents on VictorOps

An incident on VictorOps consists of the basic information of which monitor failed, with the number of errors and failed tests. It also provides a direct link to the failing monitor. This integration automatically acknowledges a triggered incident if the subsequent run succeeds. 

victorops view