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Backup your Postman Collections to your Github repositories

Backup and synchronize your Postman Collections on GitHub, the largest host of source code in the world. Your Collections are all tucked in safe and sound with our latest Postman Pro to GitHub Integration.

Add the GitHub Integration

From the Integrations page, select GitHub from a list of Postman’s 3rd party Integrations for Postman Pro users.

github integration

Click Add to backup your Postman Collections to GitHub, and then log in with your GitHub credentials to authorize Postman to access your GitHub account.

add github

Select an existing GitHub repository, select an existing Postman Collection, and then enter a filename to call your backup. Upon submit, your Collection will be pushed to your GitHub repository under the filename that you specified, and saved as a single JSON file.

github gif

There are also some advanced options available.  You can enter a custom directory name, or leave “Postman Collections” as the default. You can specify a branch for commit, or leave “master” as the default.

github advanced options

And that’s it!  From now on, every change saved to your Postman Collection will automatically commit changes to your GitHub repo in real time.  Now your Collections and code can live together in perfect harmony in the same repository.