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Send monitor run metrics and events to Datadog

Datadog is a monitoring service for cloud-scale applications, bringing together data from servers, databases, tools, and services to present a unified view of an entire stack. This integration allows you to configure your Postman Monitors to send metrics to Datadog where you can visualize and compare with other metrics.

Retrieve your Datadog API Key

Log in to Datadog, and head to the Datadog Integrations page. An API Key will be created for you automatically under the APIs tab. If you want, you can also create one by specifying a name for it. Make a note of the API Key for later.

datadog integrations page

Configure Postman Monitors

Log in to the Postman web view, and head to the Postman Integrations page. From the list of integrations, select the Datadog integration.

select datadog integration

Click Add to connect your monitor to Datadog.

add integration

Enter the Datadog API Key that you generated earlier, and select the Postman monitor for which you want the metrics and events to be sent.

enter key

Under the Advanced Options, you can choose to send only metrics or events for each run.

advanced options

How your data appears in Datadog

As soon as your monitor runs, the data will start flowing into Datadog. 

view in datadog

Once the data is present in Datadog, you can filter it based on the monitor name/uid, collection name/uid, user name/id, and even environment name/uid (if present). You can combine different metrics to create a dashboard.

datadog filters