Pre Request Scripts

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With version v0.10+ Postman has the ability to execute pre-request scripts.

Pre-request scripts are snippets of code associated with a collection request that are executed before the request is sent. This is perfect for use-cases like including the timestamp in the request headers or sending a random alphanumeric string in the URL parameters.

For example, to include a timestamp in the request headers you can set an environment variable with the value returned from a function:

postman.setEnvironmentVariable('timestampHeader',new Date());

You can then use the timestampHeader variable in the header key-value editor. When the request is sent, your pre-request script will be executed, and the value of timestampHeader will be sent in place of .

Note: An environment will have to be active for env variables to be set.

The syntax of pre-requests scripts is exactly like that of test scripts except that the response object is not present for obvious reasons.


To check what is available in the pre-request script sandbox, take a look at the Sandbox documentation.