Setting up a monitor

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Sign in to the Postman web view, and head over to the monitors page. Click the Add Monitor button.

add monitor

Enter a name for this monitor (e.g. User APIs on production). Choose the collection that you want to monitor and a corresponding environment.

Note: If you choose a shared collection, your team can see the monitor. However, if you create a monitor on a unshared collection, the monitor will be private and only visible to you.

Add an appropriate schedule for the monitor. For example, you can run a monitor every 5 minutes or every Monday at 9:00 AM. 

schedule monitor

Additional preferences Description
Email notifications Get notifications about failures on up to 5 email addresses
Request timeout Specify an interval before your request is timed out
Delay between intervals Add a time lag between subsequent requests
Don’t follow redirects Disable following 301 redirects
Allow self-signed SSL certificates This allows certificates that are not validated by a central signing authority. Use with caution!