The In-tab Chrome extension is a legacy version and is no longer supported. Update to the latest app, available for Chrome, Mac OS X, Windows or Linux.

Migrating to the packaged app

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Migrating from the legacy to the packaged app version is an extremely simple process. Postman allows you to export all your data in one file and then re-import it. Get the latest apps here.

Exporting data from legacy app

Click on the Dump Data icon at the top left in the sidebar. This will give you a file named “Backup.postman_dump”. Save the file to your local disk.

Importing it into packaged app

Click the Settings icon in the top navigation bar.

In the modal that shows up, select the Data tab and click the “Choose file” button.

Select the file you exported from the legacy app.

If all goes well, all your collections, environments, header presets, and global variables will be available inside the packaged app.