Key Value Editor

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The Key-Value Editor is a UI element that is used across Postman to simplify working with key-value pairs. The following parts of Postman use this plugin:

  • Environment value editor
  • Global value editor
  • URL parameters
  • URL path variables
  • Request headers
  • Header presets
  • Form-data editor
  • URL-encoded data editor

Key-Value editors may have the following options:

Adding a new row

Clicking on the last row will automatically add a placeholder for a new row.

Re-ordering existing rows

Hovering over a row will show the reorder icon to the right, which you can use to drag-and-drop each row to the correct location.

Enabling/disabling rows

While hovering over a row, you can use the checkbox to enable/disable the inclusion of the selected row. Due to a limitation of the app, this feature is not available for URL parameters.

Bulk edit

If you want to paste values from your clipboard, click the bulk-edit icon at the bottom-right of the key-value editor
Use this format for every row: Key: Value

For editors that have the disable option, prepend the row with “\\” if you want to add the row, but keep it disabled: \\Key: Value