Single Sign-On for Users

  • Enterprise

Once a team admin has enabled single sign on (SSO) for Postman, user will log into Postman using configured Identity provider. There are two ways of doing this.

  1. User can ask team admin for the Login URL which is generated at the time of configuring the SSO. The Login URL will automatically redirect user to the configured Identity Provider.

  2. User can use Sign in to Enterprise button/hyperlink from Postman Web/ Postman App.

    • In Postman App, use the hyperlink at the top right while signing in. On clicking it, a new window will be opened within the app.

      sign in to enterprise

    • In this step, enter Team Domain to continue. team domain
    • Next, user will be redirected to the configured Identity Provider. Here, for example the G-Suite Login screen.
      G-Suite login