Postman Pro

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Postman Pro automates your team’s collaboration on APIs. You already use Postman for your individual work as a developer. Now, consolidate your collections in the Team Library and ensure everyone is up to date with the latest changes without manual communication.

Key benefits:

1. Auto-updating source of truth - Team collections library

All your team’s APIs are grouped together in collections and shared. Any changes in the API are automatically reflected in Postman for all members. There is no chance anyone will miss the memo. This is an auto-updating source of truth for all your APIs.

2. Real-time communication

Members subscribe to the collections from the Team library and get notifications of any changes. So not only is the collection always up to date for them, they also definitely receive info about the change. They do not need to depend on the person making the changes to remember to send a message.

3. Live Documentation

All your collections have real-time, live documentation. You can even publish documentation for the outside world to consume!

Live Documentation

4. Access control

Define user-level access control for the collections you share. You can choose who can edit the collections you create.

Access Control

5. Activity feed

The activity feed is a running list of the changes happening in the team library. This notifies the developers of any changes to the collections they are subscribed to.

In-app Team Activity Feed

6. Purchasing options that work for you

With Postman, you can get the solution that developers love, with the controls that big company structures need. If you are a team lead and purchasing Pro for your team, you can do so as an admin. If your organization has a billing team, they can also buy the product for your team and give you admin rights.