Purchasing Pro

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To purchase Pro, follow these instructions. Team leads as well as purchasing departments can buy the product.

1. Getting started

Go to https://www.getpostman.com/pricing.

2. Everyone who signs up for Postman gets the Basic plan and features are available as soon as you sign up. To buy the Pro plan, click Buy.

3. Enter team size.

You will be directed to a page where you can enter the number of team members you wish to purchase for. Keep in mind that annual and monthly pricing are different.

4. Choose roles

With each plan, you have the option of choosing roles that fit your function in your organization.

  • Admin

The admin role should be used when you intend to use the product for your team. Upon completion of the payment flow, the plan will be linked to your email ID.

  • Billing

If you’re making the purchase on behalf of a team in your company, but don’t intend to use the product yourself, use the billing role. If you choose the billing role, you will be asked to enter an email to send the product invite to. This user will then be able to accept the invite and start using Pro.

5. Make a payment

Review your purchase and hit Pay.

Enter your credit card details in the pop up that appears.

Postman uses https://stripe.com/ to process all payment data. Once you enter your card details and hit Pay, Stripe will charge your card. We do not have any access to your payment information. Read about Stripe’s security here.

6. Confirmation

You will then see a confirmation page with a transaction ID. You may store this number for any future communications with us.

7. Set up account

If you purchased as an admin, you will see the Setup Team button. If you purchased with the billing role, we will send an email to the team lead you set as admin with a link to set up.

Click Setup account. You’ll be asked to sign in (if you have an account) or create a new account. Once you complete this process, you’ll see your purchase activated on your profile page and you’re good to go!

Congrats on making the best decision ever :-)