Account Dashboard

Your Postman Account Dashboard is your starting point to configure your account and manage your team. You can use this section to change your username, reset your password, upgrade your team’s plan, or view your synced collections.


The activity feed shown below shows all updates to your collections, and collections you’ve subscribed to:

Use the menu on the left to access the navigation bar, for the following menu items:


This section shows collections available to you and your team. You’ll see three tabs here:

  1. Private: Collections owned by you, but not shared with your team.
  2. Team: All collections that have been shared with the team (created by you or anyone else). You’ll be able to subscribe to collections shared by other members.
  3. Links: These are publicly-accessible links for collections that you’ve created through the app (by clicking the ‘Get Link’ button in the ‘Share Collection’ window).


If you’re part of a team, the members listing will appear here. Team administrators will see a few additional options:

  1. Add Users: Increase your team size. This option is only available for Pro teams
  2. Send Invites: Send email invitations to users to join your team. Every user you invite will lead to one of the ‘available invites’ being used up.
  3. Rename Team
  4. Assign Admins: Assign admin rights to certain users. Once a user is made an administrator, the privilege cannot be revoked.
  5. Removing users: Clicking the “x” mark next to the user’s name will remove the user from the team.
  6. Cancel pending invites: Clicking the “x” mark next to the invite will deactivate it, and the target user will no longer be able to join the team.


This section will display the plan your team is on. The upgrades tab will let admin users upgrade to the Pro Plan (if you’re currently on a trial plan).

Billing (Admins only)

The items in this section will be visible only for administrators of paid teams.


This section will display:

  1. Your account balance (useful for teams on the annual plan). You can top this up anytime.
  2. The upcoming invoice. This will update monthly, and will be charged through your account balance. Any remaining amount will be charged to your default card.
  3. Recent payments: Charges to your account (top-ups, monthly billing etc.)
  4. The Change Plan option, which will let you switch between Annual and Monthly payment options, and change the size of your team.
  5. Options to change your billing email, and cancel your Pro subscription


This section will display your team’s history. This includes, but is not limited to team size updates, invoices paid, plan switches, and cards modified


Admin users will be able to use the Cards section to manage the cards associated with their account. All credit card information is ONLY stored with our payment provider - Stripe. Users can add cards, change the default card (this will be used for the next payment), and removed expired cards


This section can be used to generate invoices for previous invoice items that have been charged to your credit card.


Use this page to update your email, username, or display name. You can also change your password through this section.