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High Velocity DevOps with Postman

Extensive tools for testing and continuous integration
postman planet
postman jetpacks
Supercharge your Product & Service Delivery with Postman

API Monitoring

  • Flexible monitoring of APIs, based on Postman Collections
  • Monitor API uptime, responsiveness, and correctness
  • Detailed reporting of monitoring results
  • 1,000 free monitoring calls/month for all Postman users
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Newman - Postman's CLI

  • Run and test a Postman Collection from the command line
  • Run Postman collections programmatically from within Node.js projects
  • Built on Postman Runtime, so collections run precisely the same on Newman as on Postman native apps
  • Integrates with Jenkins and can be run in Docker
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Automate testing with the Collection Runner

  • Run all requests within a Postman Collection
  • Customize runs across production, development, or other environments
  • Use data files as parameters for each iteration
  • Log each request and response for detailed debugging
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Designed with the developer in mind — packed with features and options

  • Request History
  • Variables
  • Environments
  • Tests & pre-request scripts
  • Collection & request descriptions
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