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Kentico Cloud

Retrieve and manage content for any application using the Kentico Cloud APIs for your Content as a Service solution.

Travel APIs for booking the best global flight, hotel, and car rental deals.

Invoicing for online businesses. Send invoices and get paid online with a debit or credit card via your payment gateway.

Nexosis allows developers to easily integrate machine learning into their projects, even with little to no experience with data science.

Documo allows businesses to manage documents securely and efficiently. Utilize the Documo API to programmatically manage and move documents securely between applications.

API2Cart is a unified API that provides seamless data interaction between the e-Commerce software and 30+ most popular shopping carts.
Weather Source

OnPoint® Weather is available on demand via the OnPoint API ensuring immediate access to hyper-local global analytics grade weather data.

Amio simplifies adding various messaging channels (i.e. Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype) to your software.

Paystack is a secure, modern payments gateway that helps merchants in Africa get paid by anyone, anywhere in the world.
Business Solutions
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Auth0 makes it easy for developers to implement fully-extensible, secure, identity management for their applications with just a few lines of code and Auth0's cloud service.

The Bazaarvoice Response API lets you programmatically manage review

The Bullhorn REST API gives partner a simple yet powerful way to interact with the Bullhorn system.

Box provides APIs and SDKs to securely upload, store, view, annotate, search, and comment on nearly any type of file in your apps. Designed for the enterprise.

Cumulocity gives you very fast visibility and control over your remote assets, be these houses, cars, machines or any other assets that you need to manage.

HERE, the location cloud company, enables rich, real-time location applications and experiences for consumers, vehicles, enterprises and cities.
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Start building voice and messaging into your software or solution with Bandwidth's platform.

Jusibe API allows you interact with your account in Jusibe. It is a simple REST API that allows you to send SMS, check your SMS credit balance and check the delivery status of a sent SMS.

Onlinesim's API allows you to send and receive text messages from popular mobile carriers, and social networks.
Data Management
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CoreLogic is the leading provider of property information, analytics and data-enabled services in Australia and NZ. This is a starter pack with new working requests.

The Indix Product API provides programmatic access to offers and catalog information, and easily integrates with ecommerce platforms, business systems, and product information management systems.

The Fulcrum API provides a simple way to connect to millions of people and get answers in real time.
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Amio simplifies adding various messaging channels (i.e. Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype) to your software.

Apigee is the leading provider of API technology and services for enterprises and developers. They’ve provided the Run button for their Apigee Management API collection.

API2Cart is a unified API that provides seamless data interaction between the e-Commerce software and 30+ most popular shopping carts.
Financial Services
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Through our API you can benefit from our world-class AFEX payment infrastructure and gain access to our full suite of global payment, risk management and FX solutions.

ChainGenie is here to help companies enjoy the benefits of Blockchain technology when you do not have the expensive blockchain resources.

NAB’s industry leading API capability is driving innovation and empowering developers, partners and customers.
Health Services
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AirVisual is the leading provider of global air quality data, covering 10,000+ locations worldwide and growing. By sharing this data, their goal is to help generate innovative responses to the urgent challenge of air pollution.

HealthOS allows you to create world class healthcare applications, leveraging their data.

Infermedica's API for patient triage and prelim medical diagnosis to implement an intelligent symptom checker or an adaptive patient intake form for your health application.
Mobile Services
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IBM Mobile Foundation provides simple, scalable, time-tested enterprise mobile middleware, deployable on premises or on Cloud.

The October Mobile plugin enables users to manage mobile applications.

Vero helps engineering, marketing and product teams move faster to design valuable customer experiences.
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Cronofy provides a unified calendar API to allow application developers to integrate their apps and services with Google, Apple, Exchange and many other calendar services.

Tallyfy helps you track and manage onboarding and other processes. The Tallyfy API enables all of the functionality in our app to be exposed via a Postman collection.
Vector Express

Vector Express is a free vector converting API powered by Smidyo Data Processing. Feel free to use it in your projects.
Social Media
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Hootsuite has more reach than any other social media management platform with 15 million users. Use their API for building apps that integrate with Hootsuite functionality & data.

Imgur's API exposes the entire Imgur infrastructure via a standardized programmatic interface. Using Imgur's API, you can do just about anything you can do on
Twitter Ads API

The Ads API program enables businesses to create and manage ad campaigns programmatically on Twitter. We are building an ecosystem of innovative and specialized ad tech partners to meet the needs of Twitter’s diverse marketers.
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Travel APIs for booking the best global flight, hotel, and car rental deals.

Hotelbeds APItude is the fastest and lightest travel distribution API suite.

Skyscanner Travel APIs connect you to all the data you need to build an innovative travel website or app.

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