Easy API Monitoring with Postman

Easily stay up to date on the performance and health of your APIs and services with Postman Monitoring.

API Monitor with a postmanaut

Checking API Response and Performance is Simple

It's easy to set up API monitoring in Postman. Postman API Monitoring allows you to review your API responses, availability, and performance with each run so you can ensure that your API is always healthy.

API Dashboard

Trust That Your API is Behaving to Spec

Postman Monitoring allows regular check-ins so if anything changes, you'll know right away.

API Monitor spy glass performance

Improve Visibility of Your API Performance

Postman API monitoring helps you identify problems with your API including poor performance, response errors, and outages. You can customize your collections with the tests you need to ensure that your APIs are working as expected.

API Dashboard

Review Monitoring Results on Postman's Detailed Dashboard

Postman’s detailed monitoring dashboard gives you a straightforward, visual overview of your monitoring results so you can quickly and easily identify problems. You can also receive in-app and email notifications so you can always be on top of your APIs.

API Monitoring around the world

Monitor with Multi-Region Support

Postman supports monitoring in 6 geographic regions around the world. Monitoring traffic in multiple locations helps you ensure your API remains resilient and globally available.

API Monitoring complex calls

Create Simple or Complex Monitoring Calls

Postman allows you to create simple or complex monitors that track the health of your Postman APIs. Running your collections in sequence allows you to chain data across requests and test your API as a whole.

API Performance Monitoring Tool

Set Up Integrations to Get Monitoring Alerts

Postman can notify you with monitoring results via email, in the app, or in apps like Slack or PagerDuty with Postman integrations ! Our list of integrations is always growing.

Postman Monitoring Pricing

Monitor any API for nearly any metric you specify: uptime, responsiveness, behavior, and more.


Included: 1,000 calls/month

Upgrade to Pro or Enterprise for more monitoring

Postman Pro

Included: 10,000 calls/month

Pre-purchased:$20/month for a pack of 50,000 calls

Pay-As-You-Go: $0.75/1000 calls

Postman Enterprise

Included: 100,000 calls/month

Pre-purchased: $20/month for a pack of 50,000 calls

Pay-As-You-Go: $0.75/1000 calls

Get Started with Postman Monitors

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