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Postman is a powerful HTTP client to help test web services easily and efficiently. Postman let's you craft simple as well as complex HTTP requests quickly. It also saves requests for future use so that you never have to repeat your keystrokes ever again. Postman is designed to save you and your team tons of time. Check out more features below or just install from the Chrome Web Store to get started.

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Postman is one of the top productivity tools on the Chrome Web Store and used by thousands of developers daily. Rated ★★★★★


Request builder

Create and send any HTTP request using the awesome Postman request builder. The clean user interface keeps only those elements in focus which you need. Postman also encodes data for you, upload files or send binary data.

History & Collections

Every request you send using Postman gets stored in the history and can be loaded into the builder later. No more fiddling with the command line! You can store requests for an API together in collections. Along with storing request data you can also store request specific documentation. Collections can be shared within your team or with other users of your API.


Have to switch between different values for local, staging and production servers? Use environment variables in your request whose values will be set according to the active environment while sending a request. Postman users have quit using other tools just for this feature alone!


Postman supports Basic Auth, Digest Auth and OAuth 1 helpers. Just enter your auth credentials and update the request. For OAuth 1 the request will be updated automatically at the time of sending. OAuth 2 is on the way!

Markdown support

Request descriptions now support Markdown. Create API docs easily and make it accessible to your team right where they need it!

Header presets

Save groups of headers together with their values for quick access later. Presets show up in the drop down menu while editing headers. For example - set an Amazon preset to save all headers required for S3 requests.

HTTP help

Hover over headers or status codes to see popovers which describe things in more detail. Feel right at home if you are new to HTTP!

Auto complete

Auto complete dropdowns show up wherever needed. Postman lets you fill up the URL bar quickly as well as headers and header presets.

Save to disk

Save HTTP responses as files on your local disk. Especially useful for debugging APIs which return PDFs images or any binary response type.

Capture requests

Capture requests from any app or website using your local machine as a proxy server with the Postman proxy.


Tools of the trade: the browser-based tools the Guardian's digital team uses for coding
A potential Swiss army knife for web service developers, Postman is a powerful HTTP client to let you test REST web services. With its incredibly clean and intuitive interface and a rich feature set, it's an ideal way to quickly test your requests when developing a REST app. Being able to switch environment variables, from local testing to deploying to the cloud and testing there, is supremely useful. The low learning curve also means you will be building and testing RESTful web services quickly.
...I resisted Chrome for years because I don’t auto-subscribe to Google hype, but I’ve somewhat grudgingly moved towards it (from years of Firefox andSafari) because the dev tools are so good - the Postman REST client alone sells it for me, it makes driving APIs a doddle.
Paul Tweedy @

Senior Technical Architect, BBC

I'd like to thank the Postman REST API Chrome app for making my developing life a billion times easier today
Not sure how I lived without Postman before.

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