Praise for Postman

Test APIs quickly

Postman gives you powerful tools to query HTTP/REST APIs and analyze responses in a beautiful way. Every feature is designed to enhance your productivity. Complex requests can be built quickly. Postman keeps a record of existing requests, formats responses, and demystifies the underlying behavior of an API.

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Power up with Jetpacks

For just $9.99 you get even more power with Postman. You can write advanced test scripts in a fraction of time. You can run a sequence of requests and simulate entire API testing scenarios. Postman tracks your tests over time to see how much you have improved. Best of all, everything is shareable within your team.

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Automated testing

Newman, Postman’s command line companion tool let’s you plug Postman collections into your existing testing toolchain effortlessly. You get the best of both worlds! Newman can plug into build systems or be used as a cron job to run tests when and how you want.

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